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A symbolic ceremony is nothing but an exceptional celebration that officially marks your commitment and your love. It is a strong, solemn and moving moment. No standard can apply.

Each ceremony is an original composition.

Everything is possible : the choice of location, music, speakers, rituals, emotion and the messages you want to offer.

You have strong feelings, desires, even dreams. But, you don't know how to orchestrate your ceremony or where to start. What if you didn't need to organize anything? What if you just had to shed light on your dreams and entrust them to us ?

We like to take time to listen to you, to hear your story, to understand your couple and to reflect on the meaning of your commitment. All this allows us to compose a unique symphony of rituals and emotions.

"both men and women should have the right to be sensitive, just as they should have the right to be strong."





for the preparation and office of your ceremony

if you have asked a relative to officiate your ceremony

FOR AN organiZation OF YOUR ceremony




  • Officiant service
  • Delivery of a wedding certificate in its case designed by our graphist
  • Research and creation of the scenography and decoration for your ceremony
  • Technical visit of the ceremony venue
  • Setting up the ceremony (furniture, arch, chairs...)
  • Installation et removal of the decoration
  • Restoration of the original place of ceremony
  • Ceremonial equipement (desk, sound system, ritual materials, table, tablecloth, certificate...)
  • Decoration material (central aisle decoration, arch, curtains, ceremony booklets...)
  • Exchanges by email and telephone
  • 2 preparation meetings
  • Scouting visit of the ceremony venue
  • Access to explanatory and advice sheets
  • Creation of the course of your ceremony
  • Writing of 100% personalized texts
  • Creation of rituals
  • Material for the rituals (within the limit of 25€)
  • Preparation of the music
  • Contacts with your relatives and wedding party for managing their involvement
  • Coordination with the DJ
  • Verification of vows
  • Lectern and celebrant microphone included
  • Office for your ceremony on D-Day + 1h of rehearsal
  • Explanation meeting with the couple and the officiant
  • Discovery appointment with the couple
  • Creation of the course of the ceremony
  • Writing of 100% personalized texts
  • Creation des rituals
  • Preparation of musics
  • Verification of vows
  • Contacts with your relatives and wedding party for managing their involvement
  • Coaching of the person you have chosen to officiate your ceremony with training and rehearsals (2 hours maximum)

I contact you

i contact you

i contact you

an extract of our compositions


Elodie & Martial

service Ceremony from a to z & Floral design – August 2019

Ceremony from A to Z &

Decoration – June 2019

A symbolic ceremony which touched each guest and thanks to Vanessa we were able to share our emotions as we wished. Simply magical, magnificent, with a free mind because we didn't take care of anything. Vanessa was able to perefectly identify our desires, our preferences and materialize them with a table decoration beyond our expectations.

Our ceremony was far beyond our expectations. Everyone was very moved and us in particular. Vanessa is a top officiant, she knew how to find the right words, did not put pressure on us and was listening to us from the start of our preparations.
As the floral arrangements, they were magnificent. We just gave Vanessa a color theme and she knew how to make all our bouquets in our image.

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