Imagine a decoration that looks exactly like you !


a sublime decoration that expresses who you are

Designing embodied atmospheres that convey beauty and harmony is not only a skill, it is an art for us. From the creation of your stationery to the decoration of your wedding venue. From the scenography of the venues to the floral design, including the dressing of your table: nothing is left to chance. Everything is handled masterfully, while faithfully symbolizing your identity. It is a major challenge that we invariably take up with rigor and passion.

How do we

proceed ?

First of all, we meet with you to precisely decipher your tastes and desires. We help you to verbalize what you like, what you want to express and who you are to translate it into a unique, original and worked down to the smallest detail decoration. We then produce an inspiration board and present you in detail a decoration book for your wedding, sketches and an associated estimate. Once your choices and your budget have been validated, we activate our precious address book to go in search of unique and unpublished elements if necessary.

I CONtact you

«The most beautiful color in the world is the one that looks good on you .»

- Coco Chanel

our decoration service includes :





Research and creation

our full and complete attention

- Design of your scenography faithful to your identity

- Design of your decoration according to your own style (colorimetry, assembly of materials, furniture, tableware, lights, space planning, scenography, floral design, ect...)

- Creation of decoration tools (style board, decoration book, sketches, layout plans, ect...)

- Scouting venue visit with bride and groom

- Technical visit with decoration suppliers and team members

- Management of decorative elements (orders, reservations, storage, preparation of small details...)

- Management of decoration services providers

- Coordination of the decoration team for the D-Day installation

- Application fee

- An exploratory appointment to identify all your expectation down to the smallest detail

- Our availability by email and telephone for any questions

- Our advice and expertise in handling your project

- Regular monitoring at all phases of the project

I contact you

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do you dream of a sublime decoration ?

We have countless creative resources in our hearts and in our heads, but what captivates us is finding the unique formula. The one that doesn't exist yet. The one who only looks like you