there are so many beautiful events to celebrate in a lifetime !

each of your desires can come to life. let's re-enchant your daily life

we are the partners of your life...

...and your desires. Our society is characterized by obsolescence, immediate gratification and sometimes frenetic consumption that does not satisfy. Yet, we are bound beings in essence. It is this attachement that we cultivate with all those who entrust us with the celebration of a special event in their lives. Because life is a sucession of wonderful moments. Because we want to be there every time you reach milestones in your life. And because life is made to be celebrated as long as it lasts.

know how to cultivate the power of secret

Beyond our strong artistic signature and our inveterate passion for the composition of private events, we like to maintain the magic of surprise ! This invites us to transcend simple "event management" which is neither up to your story nor our aspirations. We will therefore be able to delight you but also surprise you, always in accordance with your wishes and only if you desire it.

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« Things of mind that have not passed through the senses are vain»

- Leonardo DeVinci

for sublime private events in France

There are so many ways to celebrate life! Don't limit yourself. We create and produce all your private events, even those that no one has dared to celebrate before.


VOws renewal

Baby Shower

Compositions of birthdays for children or adults, surprised or programmed, we can create the unforgettable, with you !

A birth in sight? That's wonderful ! Entrust us with your baby shower and let yourself be surprised by our ideas !

Or a wedding anniversary ? Congratulations ! We accompany you in all your life adventures

theme party

wedding proposal

and much more...

The proposal is a magical moment. There is no other word. But maybe you need to be supported to orchestrate this unique moment ? We are here.

At VMcom we are driven by a taste for beautiful celebrations. Your desires have no limits? Neither does our desire to achieve them.

A giant barbecue, a retirement, a masked ball, a bachelorette party in France or any other party. It does not matter the excuse as long as you can celebrate.

our service includes :

theme creation

This step includes the work of research and development of the theme of your event, its decoration as well as the creation of elements specific to your desires.

planning management

Behind the magic of any beautiful event there is always the management of a budget, a schedule and invitations. But we want to leave you all the magic, and we take care of everything else.


We ensure the installation and uninstallation of your entire event.

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You want to celebrate a particular event ?

We will give it meaning and make it happen together

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